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About Me

I’ve been thinking about blogging for a while. I’ve been subscribing to RSS feeds since 2003 via the Pluck RSS reader (their reader is no longer around) and have been using Google’s awesome reader for years now. I even launched what I think was the first (admittedly crappy) automotive company blog back in 2004.

Somehow I never started my own personal blog, until now.

I created this site while recovering from deviated septum surgery. I am continuously learning more about WordPress and its large community, please let me know if something does not look quite right.

Some history:

I lived my first 17 years between Caracas, Venezuela and Miami, FL. I spent my school time in Caracas and my free time here in Miami. My family decided to move permanently to Miami because Caracas was getting more dangerous by the minute and the USA was (and still is) the land of opportunity.

I am a motorhead. I like almost everything on 4 wheels, particularly if it is low weight or high powered or can crawl over stuff.

An important chapter in my professional life ended in January 2009 when we closed our 13 year old family business. This business started from zero and was built one customer and vendor at a time. We had many successful years, but ultimately the business was not sustainable under its last form nor could changes be done to it fast enough for it to survive. The economy and its effect on our industry did not help.

I’ll write more about the business at some point.

What now?

I am working on a few different projects. I will be revealing more details about them here at MaxNucci.com as soon as they (the projects) start to get some more structure.

What will you be writing about?

Seems like I’m interviewing myself now. I am not 100% certain, but I suspect I will be writing about startups and business in general (both mine and those that I find interesting out there), anything automotive, marketing, music, social media, online advertising and SEO.

How can we get in touch?
You can email me at: max@maxnucci.com
You can follow me on twitter at: http://twitter.com/maxnucci
You can subscribe to this site’s RSS feed by clicking here
You can get automatic updates via email (only when new content is posted) by clicking here

I hope you enjoy what I’m doing here, thanks for stopping by 🙂