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I want my VaultPress: Here’s why

I’ve been excited about VaultPress ever since they announced the service and opened up sign ups. I thought I was high on the list of beta invites since I did sign up the day they announced the service. But no, I have no¬†VaultPress Golden Ticket (yet).

I am curious about pricing and also about using their service on multiple blogs.

Blogging restart

Back in October 2009 I decided that I no longer wanted to use the hosting provider that used to host this site. I was (am) way happier with DreamHost and their service. So I used WordPress’ export tool and thought that I was good to go.


The export tool creates an XML file that contains posts, pages, comments, custom fields, categories, and tags. No Images and other important things that would make moving the site plug & play.

I had my images scattered between two computers and had to re-edit the theme and other bits and pieces to relauch the site. Long story short, I postponed it and stopped blogging here.

VaultPress is built and maintained by the folks over at automattic. These are the same developers behind WordPress.com so based on their experience and reputation, the service should be A+

Here’s their intro video:

I will share more info once I test drive VaultPress

Hopefully this post moves me further up the list so that I can test things out and share with you. Stay tuned.

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