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Comments that made me laugh: The 130 year old woman story

For me, one of the most entertaining things to do while web surfing is reading the commentary on news stories, YouTube videos or anywhere where vile, mean, evil, snarky comments are permitted.

It is specially funny when these types of comments catch me off guard. For example:

The Georgia Woman that claims to be 130 years old

The article talks about this very old lady and her (questionable) tale of survival. Some interesting facts from this unbelievable story:

  • Lives in a remote village and only speaks limited Mingrelian (a local language).
  • She has a 70 year old son, which means she gave birth when she was (only) 60 years old back in 1940.
  • She also has 10 grandchildren, 12 great grandchildren and six great, great grandchildren.
  • Her birth certificate is lost.

Anyways, here are three examples that made me laugh:

Example 1: He has a point

The last paragraph of the article actually reads:

“To mark the centurion’s birthday, a string ensemble played folk music out on the lawn, while grandchildren offered traditional Mingrelian dishes like corn porridge and spiced chicken with herbs to all guests as the party.”

Which prompted this comment:

Example 2: Could this be an ad?

Of course referring to this product.

Example 3: This guy is clearly excited

I want my VaultPress: Here’s why

I’ve been excited about VaultPress ever since they announced the service and opened up sign ups. I thought I was high on the list of beta invites since I did sign up the day they announced the service. But no, I have no VaultPress Golden Ticket (yet).

I am curious about pricing and also about using their service on multiple blogs.

Blogging restart

Back in October 2009 I decided that I no longer wanted to use the hosting provider that used to host this site. I was (am) way happier with DreamHost and their service. So I used WordPress’ export tool and thought that I was good to go.


The export tool creates an XML file that contains posts, pages, comments, custom fields, categories, and tags. No Images and other important things that would make moving the site plug & play.

I had my images scattered between two computers and had to re-edit the theme and other bits and pieces to relauch the site. Long story short, I postponed it and stopped blogging here.

VaultPress is built and maintained by the folks over at automattic. These are the same developers behind WordPress.com so based on their experience and reputation, the service should be A+

Here’s their intro video:

I will share more info once I test drive VaultPress

Hopefully this post moves me further up the list so that I can test things out and share with you. Stay tuned.

Brandgasm: Johnnie Walker "Walk" 6 minute spot

Awesome performance by Robert Carlyle (the actor in the spot). The timing and flow of this spot was really well executed. It would be quite entertaining to see him perform this spot as his character Begbie from the movie Trainspotting

True fans are usually curious about what goes on behind the scenes; this is true for music, movies, racing and in this case brands. I liked the reasons behind the square bottle and diagonal label. Johnnie Walker wants you to socialize and drink their whiskey, they also want you to talk about their brand and the bottle/label tidbits are easy to remember and talk about.

My favorite whiskey to drink is not bottled by Johny Walker, but my favorite whiskey brand is Johnnie Walker.

[UPDATE]: The original video was removed from YouTube. Found another one.