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Thinking About GM

I really want to believe that GM will get back up on all four wheels. I think that the company has some very talented people… I also think that they have an amazing amount of baggage that should have been taken care of in bankruptcy court before pumping so many billions of taxpayer’s dollars.

Talking about the billions pumped, Sarah Palin will appear later today in an interview with Sean Hannity. Among other things, she says:

“America is digging a deeper hole and how are we paying for this government largesse. We’re borrowing. We’re borrowing from China and we consider that now we own sixty percent of GENERAL MOTORS – or the U.S. government does… But who is the U.S. government becoming more indebted to? It’s China. So that leads you to have to ask who is really going to own our car industry than in America.”

Its scary to think what government and regulations can do to the cars that we drive. Scarier still, is to think what other governments can do… I’m pretty positive that given the opportunity they will tilt at their favor (borrowing that expression from this great blog post by Alexander Muse).

We as Americans better start tilting to our favor, hard. While we still have leverage.

Love the Beast – Movie

My good friend Michael sent me an email today with this YouTube link. The video shows bicycle riders doing some extremely serious stunts. The song in that video is pretty cool too, I knew I had heard it before.

Which brings me to the movie (and trailer embedded below) Love The Beast with Eric Bana, Jay Leno and Jeremy Clarkson (oh, and also Dr. Phil… wtf?).

The song on both videos is called The Funeral by Band of Horses

I have not seen Love the Beast yet, but I plan on doing so. I have no clue on when the movie will be (or was) out in US theaters, there is no mention of this on their site or YouTube profile. It will be in US theaters on August 1 (thanks Alex!).

LateNightTales: Fatboy Slim

I just stumbled upon the  LateNightTales series.

Each CD in the series consists of a collection of tunes from different artists put together by a another artist. My first listen is from the LateNightTales: Fatboy Slimmix. You can listen to a continuous 1 hour+ mix on the Lala player embedded below or buy the CD at Amazon.

I love the sound of breaking glass!

McLaren is like a school day in summer time… no class

I borrowed the quote above from a commenter at YouTube. I thought it was both funny and accurate.

About the video: Last week’s race at Malaysia had very heavy rain. So heavy, that officials decided to momentarily park all of the cars on the starting grid to see if the race would continue or be cut short (about half of the race remaining).

Mark Webber (team Red Bull) who is one of the most vocal drivers when it comes to safety matters, was running all over the place talking to drivers and safety stewards about stopping the race.

He can be seen in the video below talking to McLaren’s driver Lewis Hamilton about this. Pay attention to one of the mechanics in the background:

The race was officially stopped a few minutes later. There was no visibility nor grip.

I am not a McLaren fan. They are one of the most technically advanced teams on the grid, but their culture and attitude is crap.

For those who don’t follow F1 closely; McLaren was involved in 2007 in an espionage scandal that ultimately cost them $100 million, and most recently (3 weeks ago) Hamilton was caught lying to the FIA stewarts which resulted in the suspension of all points scored by the team plus possible further sanctions. None of this is good for the sport.

Music inspired by John DeLorean

The band is Neon Neon and their (only) album is called Stainless Style. Neon Neon seems to be a one time project between Gruff Rhys (from Super Furry Animals) and a guy called Boom Bib (don’t know anything about him).

Stainless Style is loosely based on the life of auto exec John DeLorean. John was known as the force behind the Pontiac GTO, the Firebird and the DeLorean DMC-12 that was made famous by the Back to the Future movie.  An article about the rise and fall of John DeLorean can be found here and his Wikipedia page here. His story is quite interesting.

Anyways, I bought Stainless Style a couple of months ago and am enjoying it very much.  I’m a 80’s music fan, and Stainless Style feels like it could have had several hits during that decade.

My favorites are:

  • I Told Her On Alderaan
  • Raquel
  • Dream Cars
  • Michael Douglas

I don't use Old Spice nor follow Nascar

But find Tony Stewart pretty blunt and entertaining. He is borderline dangerous as a spokesman for most companies but somehow perfect for Old Spice.

I read a Rolling Stone article recently where stewart revealed what motivates him:

“Pussy, money and race cars. That’s pretty much all I care about.”

I was completely outraged by his remark… how could he forget mentioning guns & beer

I’ll take personalities over celebrities every time.