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Comments that made me laugh: The 130 year old woman story

For me, one of the most entertaining things to do while web surfing is reading the commentary on news stories, YouTube videos or anywhere where vile, mean, evil, snarky comments are permitted.

It is specially funny when these types of comments catch me off guard. For example:

The Georgia Woman that claims to be 130 years old

The article talks about this very old lady and her (questionable) tale of survival. Some interesting facts from this unbelievable story:

  • Lives in a remote village and only speaks limited Mingrelian (a local language).
  • She has a 70 year old son, which means she gave birth when she was (only) 60 years old back in 1940.
  • She also has 10 grandchildren, 12 great grandchildren and six great, great grandchildren.
  • Her birth certificate is lost.

Anyways, here are three examples that made me laugh:

Example 1: He has a point

The last paragraph of the article actually reads:

“To mark the centurion’s birthday, a string ensemble played folk music out on the lawn, while grandchildren offered traditional Mingrelian dishes like corn porridge and spiced chicken with herbs to all guests as the party.”

Which prompted this comment:

Example 2: Could this be an ad?

Of course referring to this product.

Example 3: This guy is clearly excited

McLaren is like a school day in summer time… no class

I borrowed the quote above from a commenter at YouTube. I thought it was both funny and accurate.

About the video: Last week’s race at Malaysia had very heavy rain. So heavy, that officials decided to momentarily park all of the cars on the starting grid to see if the race would continue or be cut short (about half of the race remaining).

Mark Webber (team Red Bull) who is one of the most vocal drivers when it comes to safety matters, was running all over the place talking to drivers and safety stewards about stopping the race.

He can be seen in the video below talking to McLaren’s driver Lewis Hamilton about this. Pay attention to one of the mechanics in the background:

The race was officially stopped a few minutes later. There was no visibility nor grip.

I am not a McLaren fan. They are one of the most technically advanced teams on the grid, but their culture and attitude is crap.

For those who don’t follow F1 closely; McLaren was involved in 2007 in an espionage scandal that ultimately cost them $100 million, and most recently (3 weeks ago) Hamilton was caught lying to the FIA stewarts which resulted in the suspension of all points scored by the team plus possible further sanctions. None of this is good for the sport.

I don't use Old Spice nor follow Nascar

But find Tony Stewart pretty blunt and entertaining. He is borderline dangerous as a spokesman for most companies but somehow perfect for Old Spice.

I read a Rolling Stone article recently where stewart revealed what motivates him:

“Pussy, money and race cars. That’s pretty much all I care about.”

I was completely outraged by his remark… how could he forget mentioning guns & beer

I’ll take personalities over celebrities every time.